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GW-8873 Old Fashion Christmas

Old Fashion Christmas

Series 6000

Design Availability

Embossing #: 30
Embossing Name: Irish Linen
Max Width: 30
Design featured in: DesignWorks, The Sullivan Collection


Base Paper: TT-20, White MG
Paper Finish: MG
Paper Weight: 50
Converters will be pleased to find this item is Glueable, Hot Stampable, and Printable. Samples will be cheerfully supplied for testing.

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Stocked Counter Rolls

24" x 417': GW887324X417
26" x 417': GW887326X417
30" x 417': GW887330X417
24" x 833': GW887324X833
26" x 833': GW887326X833
30" x 833': GW887330X833